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NameMary Aldersley
Livedb. - d. (old)
Linked Manuscriptsmanuscript owner - [Sherrard, Rowland:] Manuscript notes: LUL MS 102/3
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Associated PlacesCheshire -- Home
Source of DataCatherine Evans
Biographical Sources ConsultedLiverpool University Special Collections Catalogue
Other NoteA note from Raymond Richards included in the file identifies Mary as one of the daughters of the lawyer Thomas Aldersey, of Aldersley and Spurstow. According to Ormerod (2nd edition, Vol. II, p. 740) she married Lloyd Edwards of Rorrington co. Salop and had children, however Richards disputes this and says she is likely the Mary Aldersley of Tilston Fearnall who had previously married Isaac Basnett of Spurstow, on 31 January 1699/50.
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