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Sermon TitleSermon on Acts 20:28 (descriptive title)
ExtentNo. 52, f. 144.
Composition Dateca. 1592 -
Primary LanguageLatin
Text TypeTranscription of Sermon (Source Unknown)
Sermon Type(s)Ad clerum
Bible TextsActs 20:28 - 20: 28
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Goodwin, preacher - Andrewes, Lancelot
Associated Sermons
Preachings1592-02-20 (old) - Canterbury - Ad clerum; The occasion is given in the printed versions.
Additional Material
Print Editions / WitnessesThree Printings: 1) "Concio ad clerum in synodo provinciali Cantvariensis provinciæ ad D. Pauli" in Reverendi in Christo Patris, Lanceloti Episcopi VVintoniensis, Opuscula quaedam posthuma (London, 1629), pp. 23-43; 2) John Strype, The Life and Acts of John Whitgift, 3 vols (Oxford, 1822), III, pp. 293-296 [based on this manuscript]; 3) "Concio ad clerum..." in Opuscula quaedam posthuma (Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology, 1852), pp. 29-31.
DescriptionTitled, "Concio ad clerum in synodo provinciali Cantuariensis provinciae ad D. Pauli. 20 February 1592/3". Potentially taken from a printed source as a secondary heading is given "[Num XIV] Chap. 9". Written in a very neat italic hand. This paper has been folded several times, and the name "Mr Goodwin" inscribed on what would be the outside when folded into a packet, so presumably the recipient or owner of these sermon notes.
Source of DataCatherine Evans, CELM
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