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TitleSermons of James Cuninghame
ShelfmarkMS 5166
Creation Date1710 - 1711
Contents NoteFair copies of verses and sermons by James Cuninghame of Barns, 1710-11. Full contents detailed in v. 4 of print Catalogue. Each of the sermons that has a text begins with a brief preamble followed by “Here, with his eyes shutt, he open’d the Bible to [the text]” so these appear to have been extemporaneous sermons. Those without texts are in the form more of exhortations. They use scripture and are clearly intended for public oration but do not focus on a specific text.
Material FeaturesBeautiful folio ms. In modern binding. Original pagination and modern foliation.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Bisset, Alexander
Source of DataAnne James, NLS Archives
Other NoteFrom National Library of Scotland: Catalogue of Manuscripts Acquired since 1925 v. 4, pp. 23-24: Cuninghame was a Quietest preacher and Jacobite. The materials in this collection were copied by another hand (occasional gaps indicate places where copyist could not decipher the copytext. None of this material was published by Cuninghame or Margaret Mackenzie (his disciple). Similar materials found in MS 2686 but focus is on poetry rather than sermons.
Sermons ContainedSermon on 1 Kings 15:1-5 -- ff. 2v-4rSermon on Matthew 21:28, 31 -- ff. 4r-5rSermon on Jeremiah 30:10, 11 -- ff. 5r-6rSermon on not being conformed to the world -- ff. 6r-7rSermon on 2 Timothy 4:5 -- ff. 8r-10rSermon on the blessings of the righteous. -- ff. 12r-13rSermon on Luke 6:22-23 -- ff. 14v-16vSermon on the topic of whether it is possible to live in the present according to the scriptures. -- ff. 18r-20rSermon on the topic of following God’s wisdom instead of man’s. -- ff. 20r-21vSermon on Isaiah 15:5 -- ff. 21v-22vSermon on the topic of the need to obey God’s will. -- ff. 22v-24rSermon on the topic of returning to God. -- ff. 24r-25vSermon on the topic of not being discouraged under trials. -- ff. 25v-27vSermon on the topic of being Christ-like. -- ff. 28v-30rSermon on Lamentations 3:60-66 -- ff. 30r-31vSermon on the topic of bringing forth good fruit. -- ff. 31v-32vSermon on the duty to listen to God. -- ff. 32v-33vSermon on God's promise to the church. -- ff. 33v-34vSermon on committing yourself to God. -- ff. 34v-36rSermon on obeying God. -- ff. 36r-37rSermon on conforming your will to God's. -- ff. 38v-39rSermon on those who have endangered the elect. -- ff. 39r-40rSermon on being crucified for Christ. -- ff. 41r-42rSermon on trusting God. -- ff. 42r-43vSermon on the joy and peace found in God. -- ff. 43v-45vSermon on consecrating yourself to God. -- ff. 46r-46vSermon on entering in the spirit of God. -- ff. 46v-48rSermon on desiring the things of the next life instead of this one. -- ff. 48r-49vSermon on taking up Christ’s burden. -- ff. 50r-51rSermon on following God's call. -- ff. 51r-51vSermon on resigning yourself to God. -- ff. 51v-52rSermon on Ezekiel 6:8-10 -- ff. 52r-53rSermon on Jeremiah 38:20 -- ff. 53r-54vSermon on following God's instructions like Noah and the prophets did. -- ff. 56r-57rSermon on making peace with God. -- ff. 57r-59rSermon on obeying the spirit. -- ff. 59r-60rSermon on Romans 16:3-4 -- ff. 60v-61rSermon on the crucifixion. -- ff. 61r-62rSermon on choosing the things of God. -- ff. 62r-63vSermon on Acts 3:21-26 -- ff. 63v-64vSermon on God as judge. -- ff. 65v-67vSermon on the truth setting you free. -- ff. 67v-69vSermon on Colossians 2:3 -- ff. 69v-70vSermon on obeying God's commands. -- ff. 70v-71rSermon on giving yourself to God. -- ff. 71r-71v
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