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TitleCommonplace book of Walter Boothby of Tottenham
ShelfmarkMS. Eng. c. 2693
Creation Dateca. 1631 - 1665
RepositoryBodleian Library
Contents NoteA commonplace book entitled "A Nosegay of Everlasting Orifficall Flowers, gathered out of Heavens paradice" (p. 1). Contains Boothby's notes on about 150 sermons, mostly by Presbyterians (pp. vii-766). The manuscript is organized as a commonplace book but is divided by subjects rather than following a chronological order, with Boothby's notes on sermons he has heard under the subject headings (e.g. "Of Christ", "Of Sinne"). Includes an index of the sermons by subject (pp. iii-xiv). Also includes correspondence, mainly Boothby's letters to family members, dated 1640-1643 (pp. 768-913).
Material Featuresxxviii + 914 pages. Bound in vellum wrapper. Boothby has put subheadings in the margin, apparently to summarize the point of the sermon that he has cited under the general heading .
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Boothby, Walter
AcquisitionPurchased at auction from D. P. White (Occasional List 35 [1991], item 137).
Source of DataJeanne Shami; Ann Hughes; Bodleian Library Catalogue of manuscripts acquired singly: albums, commonplace books, notebooks and scrapbooks (online)
Other NoteThe cataloguer dates this manuscript c. 1632-1655, but some of the sermons are dated 1631. This volume contains notes on many sermons that Boothby attributes to "Dr. Stawton" (occasionally spelled Staughton). The most likely identity of Stawton is John Stoughton (1593-1639), whom the cataloguer identifies as a preacher mentioned in this volume. However, in some cases the name seems more like "Stanton", so it could be Edmund Staunton (1600-1671). Both of these preachers were Presbyterians, like Boothby and like most of the other preachers mentioned in this volume. It could also be one of two preachers named John Stawton in CCEd (Person IDs: 101994 and 108233). Since Stoughton is the most likely attribution, these sermons have been attributed to him, but they remain uncertain. Among these sermons, those that are dated were all preached before Stoughton's death in 1639, except the sermon "of feare [3]" (pp. 272-273), but in this case Boothby has clearly written "Doc. Stanton" so this sermon is attributed to Edmund Staunton. For more information on this manuscript, see also John Spurr, The Laity and Preaching in Post-Reformation England (London: Dr Williams's Trust, 2013), pp. 18-19.
Sermons ContainedJesus Christ ye most Excellent guift of God. -- pp. xvii-xxiSermon on Jeremiah 31:3 -- pp. xxii-xxviii, 436-439, 474-475Of Christ (1) -- pp. 1-4Of Christ (2) -- pp. 6-11Of Christ (3) -- pp. 15-17Our Previlydg by Jesus Christ -- p. 18A Christans priuilidg by Jesus Christ -- p. 19Of Sinne (1) -- pp. 22-23Of Sinne (2) -- pp. 24-26Of Sinne (3) -- p. 27Of Sinne (4) -- pp. 28-29Of Sinne (6) -- pp. 37-39Of Prayer (1) -- pp. 42-43Of Prayer (2) -- pp. 44-45Of Prayer (3) -- pp. 46-47Of Prayer (4) -- pp. 48-49Of Conscience -- pp. 50-53An Unquiet Conscience -- p. 54Signes of our Receiveeing of Christ -- pp. 56-57Why God will not Saue all men, as well as Some -- pp. 58-59Of Love -- pp. 60-61Of Meritt -- p. 70There are 2 Sorts of Reasons -- pp. 75-76Of God -- p. 80Of Cares -- p. 85Of Care (1) -- pp. 84-85Of Care (2) -- p. 85Of Care (3) -- p. 86Of the Soule (1) -- p. 90Of the Soule (2) -- p. 915 ways how God’s spirit beareth witness unto our Spirit -- p. 93Signes of Sinn of infirmitie -- pp. 97-98Of the Worde (1) -- pp. 103-105Of the Worde (2) -- p. 105Of Fayth (1) -- p. 111Of Fayth (2) -- p. 113Difference between fayth & presumption -- p. 115Meditations upon mans mortallytie -- pp. 117-119Of Sinne (5) -- pp. 30-33Of Afflictions & Persecutions -- pp. 133-134Of Afflictions -- pp. 135-136of Affliction (1) -- p. 137Insightmente to Sanctifie ye Sabbath day -- pp. 142-143Of Knowlidge -- p. 148Gods mighty power -- pp. 151-156Whether Christs death be effectuall to all -- p. 157Of the pardon of Sinne (1) -- pp. 160-164Of the pardon of Sinne (2) -- pp. 164-167 (?)Of Godly Sorrow -- pp. 181-185helps to inable vs to beleeve in Christ -- pp. 187-197Touching the Law -- p. 200Motiues to prayer -- pp. 206-208The quallifications of a Right prayer -- pp. 209-216mans soule is not mortall -- pp. 217-219The Right propertie of a true heavenly Pilllgrame -- pp. 220-221The true gayne gayned by gayneing of Jesus Christ -- pp. 222-231, 631-635Sermon on 1 Peter 4:17 -- p. 232Of Obedience -- pp. 233-234How a man may use the Creatures that they may help us in our way to Heaven -- pp. 236-238Of Prayer (5) -- pp. 248-2536 Notes to know whether our prayer be put up in true faith -- p. 253Of Prayer (6) -- pp. 256-257Signes of true Repentance -- p. 259of Feare (1) -- p. 270of Feare (2) -- p. 271motives to induceing vs to fear God -- pp. 271, 394of feare (3) -- pp. 272-273meanes to attayne true feare -- p. 278Why Christmas Day must not be obserued -- pp. 286-287Signes of grace & Solluation -- pp. 290-292Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (1) -- p. 293Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (2) -- pp. 296-299Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (3) -- pp. 300-301, 324-325Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (4) -- pp. 304-307Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (5) -- pp. 308, 309, 310a, 311aSignes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (6) -- pp. 310b-317Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (7) -- pp. 318-320Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (8) -- pp. 329-330Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (9) -- p. 332Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (10) -- pp. 338, 350Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (11) -- pp. 339-342Tryalls of true obeadience -- pp. 351-352motiues vnto Obedience -- p. 353How to cary our Selues in times of temptation -- p. 354How a man may be brought to obaye Christ in all things -- p. 362Meanes for ye Obtaynement of Saueing grace -- p. 363Meanes for ye obtayneing of Saueing grace -- pp. 364-368Help to pray wth ye heart -- p. 370Meanes for ye obtayneing of true grace -- pp. 374-375Meanes to obtayne true Saueing grace -- pp. 376-377How for to heare the worde wth profit -- pp. 378-379Meanes for obtaining Saueing grace -- pp. 381-385Good Dutyes (1) -- pp. 393-394Good Dutyes (2) -- p. 395Motiues vnto Saueing Grace -- pp. 401-402motiues vnto patience vnder gods hands -- p. 421How our Tounges may be tuned to Speak edifyingly -- pp. 422-423Motiues to wholsom talke -- pp. 424-425Rules to be obserued in speaking -- pp. 426-427Of Justification -- pp. 431-435Signes of a Broken & tender harte -- p. 440Groundes of Decaye of true grace -- p. 441Meanes to preserue vs from decaye in grace -- pp. 442-443of Affliction (2) -- pp. 447-449, 455-461, 487-489, 522-525False Euidences of Solluation -- p. 450The Doctrine of Reproofe -- pp. 462-464Signes of true grace -- pp. 465-466The Order of Selfe Judging -- p. 471Of Gods Judgments -- p. 472When Gods Judgments are truly Sanctified vnto man -- p. 473How to behaue ourselues after Grace Receaued -- p. 493Concomitants wch accompany a wicked and Sinnfull Care -- pp. 497, 643Signes of Saueing grace & Solluation -- pp. 531-532Of Holy walkeing wth God -- pp. 508-513When our Ames are Sincere -- pp. 533, 635Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (12) -- pp. 534-538Signes of Saueing grace & Solluation -- pp. 541, 572-579, 591-594Signes of Grace, & Solluation (2) -- pp. 545-546Signes of Saueing Grace & Solluation (2) -- p. 547Signes of Saueing grace, & of Solluation (13) -- p. 548Differences betweene morall nature & true grace -- p. 551Signes of Saueing grace, & Solluation (3) -- pp. 552-553Signes of Saueing grace & Solluation (4) -- pp. 554-555Signes of Saueing grace, & Solluation (5) -- p. 556Signes of Saueing grace & of Solluation (14) -- p. 559Signes of Saueing grace & of Solluation (15) -- pp. 560-561Signes of Saueing grace, & Solluation (6) -- p. 562Signes of Saueing Grace, & Solluation (7) -- pp. 565-567whether we haue receaued Jesus Christ aright or noe -- pp. 568a-568bSignes of Saueing Grace & Solluation (8) -- p. 570Of Effectuall Calleing -- pp. 580-587Signes of true Conuersion -- pp. 498-503Of Prayer (7) -- pp. 600-616 (?)The benefitt yt prayer brings to a nation -- pp. 619-62216 Excelencies yt are in prayer as motiues to it -- pp. 202-208, 623-626How every Beleuer ought to walke as yt he may please God -- pp. 628-630Meanes for ye obtaineing of Sauein grace -- pp. 647-648bMeanes to attayne Saueing grace -- pp. 652-654Meanes for ye Ataineing of Saueing grace (1) -- p. 657Meanes for ye Ataineing of Saueing grace (2) -- p. 657Meanes for ye obtaineing of Saueing grace (2) -- pp. 658-659Agaynst ye Anabaptis: -- p. 661Of Sinne: & ye happynes of Sinne pardned -- pp. 662-669how Sin comes to be mayd abominable -- pp. 670-675The nature of Assurance of Solluation -- p. 676How Assureance of Solluation may be had -- pp. 692-693, 704-722The death of the Sayntes, is pretious in the eyes of God -- pp. 694-695Rules for our worke of Mortification -- pp. 696-698That all beleeueres are Seated wth ye Spirit of Adoption -- pp. 723-733Sermon 1 on unidentified text -- pp. 734-742The true caracters of our Sins pardoned -- pp. 743-753Sermon on Acts 10:43 -- pp. 753-764Sermon 2 on unidentified text -- pp. 764-766
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