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TitleChrist preaching his owne bitter Death and passion
ShelfmarkBT 3055
Creation Dateca. 1700 - 1700
RepositoryHeythrop College
Contents NoteThis manuscript contains 16 devotional sermons about the Passion of Christ. They are not sermons in the usual sense. Each ‘sermon’ describes an episode of the Passion, narrated by ‘Christ’ in the first person, and ends with a section entitled ‘The fruit [of the sermon]’, which is a type of commentary/form of prayer/response by the listener, also written in the first person, on the episode which has just been described. Sometimes, this part is longer than the actual ‘sermon’ itself. The sixteen sermons are followed by four blank leaves and ‘Aacts of d[e]uotion in walking the stations’, written in the same hand. The ‘Aacts’ are divided into several ‘stations’, or stages of Christ’s Passion, e.g. ‘at the kiss of Judas’, ‘Simon helps to cary the Cross’, ‘our lord stript of his garments’. The writer pens supplications to Jesus or God at each ‘station’. The ‘Aacts’ comprise twelve leaves, unfoliated and unpaginated, and are written in English, with some use of Latin. There are six blank leaves at the end of the volume.
Material FeaturesBound in old calf. Duodecimo, unfoliated and unpaginated. There are chi-rho watermarks on the front flyleaf and the following leaf.
Associated Peoplemanuscript owner - Bartlett, Marymanuscript owner - Duggan, Alicemanuscript owner - Gallagher, Edw.manuscript owner - Vaughan, Mary
ProvenanceAt the top of the front flyleaf, three different names are written in three different hands: 'Mary Joseph Vaughan'; 'Reverend Edw. Gallagher' [the manuscript was given to him in 1952]; 'Alice Duggan' [the manuscript was given to her in August, but the year is obscured by a pasted-in label]. The name 'Mary Bartlett', in a different hand from all of the above, can be found on the first leaf of the first sermon.
Source of DataHeythrop College Library Catalogue; Hannah Yip
Other NoteAccording to the Heythrop College Library Catalogue, the authorship of this volume is uncertain. It is conjectured that the book may have been written by 'Cardinal Vaughan's mother or some other relation'.
Sermon Reports Contained
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