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Sermon TitleA sermon of the late bosshop of winton John whit made before quene Elysabeth
Extentff. 191r-204r
Composition Date -
Primary LanguageEnglish
Text TypeTranscription of Sermon (Source Unknown)
Sermon Type(s)Funeral
Associated Peopleauditor - Tudor, Elizabethpreacher - White, Johnsubject of sermon - Tudor, Mary
Associated SermonsSermon on Ecclesiastes 4:3-4 [MS. Top. Oxon. E. 5]: Manuscript witnesses of the same sermon.
Preachings1558-12-13 (old) - Westminster Abbey - Funeral;
Additional Material
Print Editions / WitnessesOther manuscript witnesses: British Library, Sloane MS 1578; British Library, Cotton MS Vespasian D XVIII.
DescriptionAccording to the ODNB, the principal theme of this sermon was to warn against change. However, the sermon was interpreted as seditious and an affront to Queen Elizabeth I.
Source of DataODNB (Article: 29250); Hannah Yip.
Other NoteWritten in a neat secretary hand. For this sermon, see Iain Fenlon, 'Instrumental music, songs and verse from sixteenth-century Winchester: British Library Additional MS 60577', in Music in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: Patronage, Sources and Texts, ed. by Iain Fenlon (Cambridge, 1981), pp. 93-116 (pp. 104-105); Victor Houliston, 'Her Majesty, who is Now in Heaven: Mary Tudor and the Elizabethan Catholics', in Mary Tudor: Old and New Perspectives, ed. by Susan Doran and Thomas S. Freeman (Basingstoke, 2011), pp. 37-48 (pp. 38-39); Emily Michelson, 'An Italian Explains the English Reformation (with God's Help)', in A Linking of Heaven and Earth: Studies in Religious and Cultural History in Honor of Carlos M. N. Eire, ed. by Emily Michelson, Scott K. Taylor and Mary Noll Venables (Farnham, 2012), pp. 33-48 (pp. 42-43).
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