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PlaceSt John's College (college), Oxford University, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, Europe
Location Contains St John's College Chapel (chapel)
Associated PeoplePost - Baylie, RichardPlace of Study - Baylie, RichardPlace of Study - Bell, WilliamPost - Bernard, EdwardPlace of Study - Bowyer (Boyer), ThomasPlace of Study - Brace, ThomasPlace of Study - Campion, EdmundPlace of Study - Coates, AnthonyPlace of Study - Creed, WilliamPlace of Study - Crynes, NathanielPlace of Study - Dawes, WilliamPlace of Study - Delaune, WilliamPlace of Study - Haywood, WilliamPlace of Study - Hickes, GeorgePlace of Study - Higgin, AnthonyPlace of Study - Johnson, JohnPlace of Study - Juxon, WilliamPlace of Study - Lamb (Lambe) , ThomasPlace of Study - Langley (Langly), AdamPost - Matthew, Tobie (Tobias)Place of Study - Mews, PeterPlace of Study - Needler, BenjaminPlace of Study - Nevile, JohnPlace of Study - Perrott, ThomasPlace of Study - Rawlinson, JohnPlace of Study - Rawlinson, RichardPlace of Study - Roach, RichardPlace of Study - Smith, HenryPlace of Study - Swadlin (Swadlinge), ThomasPlace of Study - Tewer (Tuer), ThomasPlace of Study - Turner, BryanPlace of Study - Warren, RichardPlace of Study - Weaver, JohnPlace of Study - Whitelocke, BulstrodePlace of Study - Wilcox, Francis
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