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PlaceTrinity College Dublin (archive) (repository), Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland, Europe
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Manuscripts HousedTCD MS 1047 Church of Ireland recordsTCD MS 10594 Miscellaneous fragmentsTCD MS 10743 Sermons of George StuddartTCD MS 10932 Seventeenth-century sermonsTCD MS 1123 Bishop Reeves - Irish historical recordsTCD MS 1173 Archbishop Ussher sermonsTCD MS 1201 Nonsuch, The glorie of God and the shame of all men.TCD MS 121 Six Works by Richard Hooker and OthersTCD MS 1210 Usshers' Theological Commonplace BookTCD MS 129 Thomas Cooper, sermonsTCD MS 130 Thomas Cooper, sermonsTCD MS 131/2 Sermons and Theological Notes of Thomas CooperTCD MS 133 Thomas Cooper (?), notebookTCD MS 134 Thomas Cooper, theological notebookTCD MS 1455 Sermons and chatechismTCD MS 151 Sermons by W Lambe and Colonel Jerome SankeyTCD MS 1688/1 Sermons by Anthony Dopping, bishop of MeathTCD MS 1688/2 Sermons by Anthony Dopping, bishop of MeathTCD MS 1688/3 Sermons by Anthony Dopping, bishop of MeathTCD MS 1724 Copy of a sermon on John 7:17 by Jeremy TaylorTCD MS 221 Ambrose Ussher, notebookTCD MS 2224 Two Sermons of Anthony Dopping, Jr.TCD MS 232 Richard Spinks, sermonTCD MS 233 Four Sermons by St. John ChrysostomTCD MS 2466 Sermons of Anthony Dopping, Sr.TCD MS 2468 Sermons of Anthony Dopping, Jr.TCD MS 2637 Commonplace book by Francis WhyteTCD MS 283 Latin and Spanish SermonsTCD MS 287 Ambrose Ussher, PapersTCD MS 2875 Three sermonsTCD MS 295 John Drury papersTCD MS 328 Paul Brennan, sermonsTCD MS 334 Dr Eglionby, sermons and notesTCD MS 336 Sermons on Canticles 2:16TCD MS 3543 Sermons of Edward SayersTCD MS 388 Papers of Thomas LydiatTCD MS 419 John Burley (or Burleigh): academic notebookTCD MS 677 Questions in Divinity DiscussedTCD MS 693 Sermons and Annotations TCD MS 709 William Hull, Sermons. Vol. 7.TCD MS 709 William Hull, Sermons. Vol. 1.TCD MS 859 Miscellaneous papersTCD MS 865 Samuel Foley, bishop of Down and Connor, papers.TCD MS 946 John Hudson, sermons
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