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PlaceSt Catharine's College (Katharine Hall) (college), Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, Europe
Associated PeoplePlace of Study - Arrowsmith, John Place of Study - Blackall (Blackhall), OfspringPlace of Study - Boatman, JohnPlace of Study - Bowles, EdwardPlace of Study - Boys, ThomasPlace of Study - Browning (Brunning), SamuelPlace of Study - Buddle, AdamPlace of Study - Buskell, GilesPlace of Study - Cateline, JonathanPlace of Study - Clayton, LukePlace of Study - Cope, JosephPlace of Study - Cottle, JamesPlace of Study - Dawes, WilliamPlace of Study - Duckfield, JohnPlace of Study - Dyke, Jeremiah (Jeremy)Place of Study - Eachard, JohnPlace of Study - Ellis, JohnPlace of Study - Glascock, ChristopherPlace of Study - Goodwin, ThomasPlace of Study - Goodwin, ThomasPlace of Study - Gosnold, AnthonyPlace of Study - Jackson, JohnPlace of Study - King, JohnPlace of Study - Knollys, HanserdPost - Knowles, JohnPost - Knowles, JohnPost - Lightfoot, JohnPlace of Study - Linford, Samuel?Place of Study - Mallory, ThomasPost - Mey, JohnPlace of Study - Parker, SamuelPlace of Study - Sherman, JohnPlace of Study - Shipley, CharlesPost - Spurstowe, WilliamPlace of Study - Spurstowe, WilliamPlace of Study - Strong, WilliamPlace of Study - Strype, John
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