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PlaceDr Williams's Library (archive) (repository), London, England, Europe
Repositories Contained Congregational Library (collection)
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Manuscripts HousedMS 12.10 P.P.’s Common-place BookMS 12.16 SermonsMS 12.40 Blackmore PapersMS 12.49 Sermons and Discourses by Matthew MeadMS 12.61 Richard Northcote his Book. 1674.MS 12.63 The family papers of the Rev. Wilton Edwin Rix (1881-1958) MS 12.9 Collections from the sermons and writings of contemporary divinesMS 186.8 Papers Relating to William LawMS 24.115 Miscellaneous PapersMS 24.117 Two Funeral SermonsMS 24.13 Bundle of Manuscripts Foliated ContinuouslyMS 24.150 John Glenister's Sermon NotebookMS 24.16 The Principles of the Oracles of God. The First PartMS 24.17 The Principles of the Oracles of God. The Second PartMS 24.18 Mr. Howe's Sermons Volume IIIMS 24.19 Sermons of John HoweMS 24.192 Miscellaneous Essays and NotesMS 24.193 Sermons of Francis ParrattMS 24.20 Sermons of John HoweMS 24.28 The Elect Lady. Or a Sermon preached at the Funeralls of the most vertuous, and most honoured lady, the Lady Susanna Carew...MS 24.29 SermonsMS 24.30 A Valedictory Lecture on Philippians 3:16MS 24.31 Notes of Sermons Preached by John FrenchamMS 24.32 Miscellaneous Sermon NotesMS 24.61 Charles Allestree's Sermons VolumeMS 24.74 Some miscellany questions of divinitie polemical and practical by Sir [sic] James Frazer of BreaMS 28.114 Several sermons by the Revd. Mr. John Howe. Volume 2: containing London 1721MS 28.12 Funeral Sermon for John CoxMS 28.13 Sermon NotesMS 28.16 SermonMS 28.17 Farewell Sermon by Robert AtkinsMS 28.172 Sermon Notes by the Revd. John PoynterMS 28.18 Sermons of Obadiah Wills, Volume 2MS 28.19 Sermons of Obadiah Wills, Volume 3MS 28.20 Sermons of Obadiah Wills, Volume 4MS 28.21 Sermons of Obadiah Wills, Volume 6Ms 28.22 Sermons by Obadiah Wills: Volume 7Ms 28.23 Sermons by Obadiah Wills: Volume 8MS 28.24 Sermons of Obadiah Wells: Volume 9MS 28.29 (1) (2) Three Miscellaneous SermonsMS 28.3 SermonsMS 28.31 Sermons of Owen StocktonMS 28.6 Funeral Sermons by Joseph CarylMS 28.7 The Substance of a Funeral SermonMS 28.8 Funeral Sermons for Mary and John LloydMS 28.9 Five Unbound ManuscriptsMS 38.68 Records of NonconformityMS 38.69 Funeral sermon for Mary PayneMS 38.97 Jennings PapersMS 61.16 (Baxter Manuscripts) Assize sermon at Shrewsbury by Richard BaxterMS 90.1 Philip Henry's Sermon Notes, 1679-87MS 90.7 Letters and Papers of Matthew HenryMS 90.9 Sarah Savage's Sermon NotesMS 91.11 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS 91.13 Notes taken by Matthew Henry at SermonsMS 91.14 Funeral Sermon by Francis Tallents for Philip HenryMS 91.15 Sermon Notes of Sarah SavageMS 91.16 Sermons by Matthew HenryMS 91.23 Sermon on Colossians 4:2MS 91.26 Philip Henry SermonsMS 91.27 Sermons of Philip HenryMS 91.28 Sermons of Philip HenryMS 93.D.1 Sermons by Chewning Blackmore
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