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PlaceMagdalene College (college), Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, Europe
52.20, 0.12
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Associated PeoplePlace of Study - Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, RichardPlace of Study - Beaver, EdwardPlace of Study - Bickley, GeorgePlace of Study - Bromley, JohnPlace of Study - Burton, HezekiahPlace of Study - Drake , MichaelPlace of Study - Dunster, HenryPlace of Study - Fisher, JamesPost - Hammond, SamuelPlace of Study - Hawksworth, ThomasPlace of Study - Healy (Healey), SamuelPlace of Study - Heathcote , RalphPlace of Study - Hobart, PeterPlace of Study - Knowles, JohnPlace of Study - Knowles, JohnPlace of Study - Lawrence, EdwardPlace of Study - Lawson, ChristopherPlace of Study - Lloyd, GeorgePlace of Study - Manningham, JohnPlace of Study - Maxfeild (Maxfelt, Maxfeld, Maxfilde, Maxfielde), Thomas Place of Study - Meriton, JohnPlace of Study - Moore, JohnPlace of Study - Morrice, JohnPlace of Study - Mossom, RobertPlace of Study - Payne, WilliamPlace of Study - Rainbow, EdwardPost - Rainbow, EdwardPlace of Study - Roote, HenryPlace of Study - Sampson, RobertPlace of Study - Spademan, JohnPlace of Study - Standish, WilliamPlace of Study - Tallents, FrancisPlace of Study - Towneley (Townley), NicholasPlace of Study - Vines, RichardPlace of Study - Wallais (Wallys), Jacob (James)Place of Study - Walter, StanifordPlace of Study - Walton, BrianPlace of Study - Waterland, JohnPlace of Study - Zanchy, Clement
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